September 11, 2013 on 1:38 pm
FREE Baby Shower Printables

FREE Baby Shower Printables

Free Printable – Cowgirl Baby Shower Printables

Announce It! is excited to present our fans and readers with this FREE Party Printables. Cowgirl and western themed baby showers are so popular. What a great way to celebrate and accessorize your baby shower with cowgirl party accents.

Our Cowgirl baby shower invitations, candy bar wrappers and water bottle labels are wildly popular. As a special offer, we have created this digital download free of charge to coordinate with our full line of cowgirl baby shower party supplies. This free printable may be used for cupcake toppers, favor tags and more. It is available as a PDF file download. Simply click the link and save the file to your computer. Print at home or take to your local office supplies store.  Download Here

May 28, 2013 on 7:21 pm

Cowgirl Baby Shower InvitationsWestern themed baby showers can be a great way for people who love the outdoors or who live in the West to have a party that really works for them. Planning this type of baby shower takes work, though, and you’ll want to get started early so you have plenty of time to find what you need. One of the first things to consider is how you’re going to decorate. Fortunately, you can get all kinds of things for Western baby showers that can really bring the party to life.

It is a Boy or a Girl?

If you know the sex of the baby, that will help a lot. While cowgirl baby showers and cowboy baby showers don’t have to be drastically different, the color scheme and some of the gifts will probably change based on the baby’s gender. You can get chocolates with either theme, in pink or blue, to provide a really unique gift for your guests. Having your own custom candy bar wrapper with a western theme is something your shower guests will remember for a long time.

cowgirlbabyshowerinvitationsMake Your Invites Unique

How you invite someone to a shower can be a fun way to add something extra to the joy of the day. Cowgirl or cowboy invites are cute, fun, and can really capture the personality of the parents and guests. It’s a way to acknowledge love for the type of life that cowboys and cowgirls lead, too.

Cowgirl Baby Shower Candy WrappersBuy Party Favors Early

You want your guests to have souvenirs of the event. If you’re working on a theme, you can buy all different kinds of things that have the same theme or design as the invitations. The chocolate wrappers are a great take-home, but there’s more you can do. Water bottles with custom labels are a great idea, and you can have them made with anything you like on them. You can also get candles, party games, and small gifts that your guests will enjoy taking home to remember the fun they had.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your party guests to help out when you’re getting ready for the big day. If there’s something they can do to help, they would probably enjoy being included in the planning and fun. They may have decorations you can use or an idea for something that could make the day really special. It’s always good to be open to new ideas.