February 24, 2017 on 9:39 pm

Red Carpet Birthday Invitation

Download this free printable Red Carpet Thank You Card printable PDF file. It matches our best selling and most pinned invitation, our Red Carpet Birthday Invitation (shown above).  It may be used for a Red Carpet or Hollywood themed birthday party or event. Many corporate clients have used it for their Galas or fundraising. If you are interested in purchasing this invitation in digital form you can purchase it from our Etsy Shop here. We also offer it in printed form.Free Printable Red Carpet Thank You Card

In celebration of this fabulous design, we have created a matching fold over style thank you card for you to use free. This free printable is a fold over style thank you card intended for you to write a handwritten thank you note. I know, you’re thinking who has time for that these days? Well, I must tell you a hand written thank you is appreciated more! Simply download the printable file here. Print on your favorite card stock, cut out and fold over.

You may also choose to have your local office supplies store (such as Office Depot, Office Max, Staples etc…) print and cut this thank you card for you.  Prices may vary depending on your area. My local Staples charges $0.60 per page.

** Please Note** This design is for personal use only (non-commercial use). Announce It! retains all image design rights. You may not share,sell or redistribute this design.

Download the printable file here.

November 5, 2012 on 5:57 pm

Cowgirl Birthday Hershey KissesThere’s nothing better for an imaginative little girl on her birthday than a cool, unique theme that she will remember forever and cherish on her special day. For that young woman in your life who loves horses, the outdoors, and more, a cowgirl birthday is just the trick to give her the most fun day of her life. Guests and parents alike will be sure to remember the unique and fun themes, accessories, and motifs around her cowgirl birthday party, and you might just go down as the best parent in history!


Some Ideas and Tips for a Cowgirl Birthday Party


Cowgirl Birthday Candy Bar WrappersAccessorize With Chocolate! Accessories come in all shapes and for all products, including fun cowgirl birthday candy bar wrappers that are sure to be a hit – and not just for the chocolate inside! Wrappers can be personalized with birth date and name for the special girl, and provide a great treat for all party goers.


Additionally, cowgirl personalized Hershey birthday kisses are available too, allowing for fun treats to adorn the room with and have all the kids happy. They too can be personalized with the birthday girl’s name, date, and even a picture of a cool little cowgirl!


Cowgirl Birthday Party InvitationsInvite Them Right. Let everyone know that you are holding a cowgirl themed birthday party so they know exactly how to show up and what to expect, by using special cowgirl birthday party invitations. These invitations are fun, they look great, and they announce the special girl’s birthday and event information on a great looking print. These flat cards are available to be personalized as well and can be printed and shipped to you in just a few days’ time.


Plus, on the invitation, encourage your guests to show up in cowgirl-themed attire, from cowboy hats to pig tails, jeans, and maybe even a lasso! It will immediately add fun and meaning to the party and give your special girl an unforgettable day.Birthday Water Bottle Labels


Hydrate Like A Cowgirl. Looking for more party favors and cool giveaways for the party without breaking the bank? Consider something like a cowgirl birthday water bottle label. Just like the chocolate bars and candy, it can be personalized so that the cowgirl in your life is shining on her special day. Add her birth date, name, and more information on the label so that everyone at the party remembers for whom and what this special event was created!


Party favors, attire, and a great event make for a sure hit when planning a cowgirl birthday party. It’s much simpler than you realize to make happen, and the birthday girl and guests alike will be given a fun, unforgettable and special day to celebrate! Find these personalized party favors and ideas at Announce It!